The Carillon Civic Association

The Carillon Civic Association Board of Directors meets the second Tuesday of every month except for July and August. All CCA members are welcome and encouraged to attend the board meetings. The current meeting location is Unity Church, at the corner of Blanton Avenue and French Street.

Carillon Civic Association Board of Directors:

President Zeke Brody
Vice President Christina Draper
Treasurer Butch Walter
Secretary Open
Director Melissa Christian
Director Melissa Dilworth
Director Felipe Fernandez
Director Ray Gargiulo
Director Frances Kimmel
Director Haley McCall
Director Paige Quilter

Carillon Civic Association Committee Chairs and Other Contacts:

Beautification Travis Doran
Block Captains Libby Soffee
City Liaison Paige Quilter
Communications Haley McCall
Community Development Michelle Stuckey
Fundraising Mary Lou Sheridan
Donations Zeke Brody
Historian Beth O'Leary
Membership Pamela Smith
Nominating Open
Events Melissa Dilworth
Safety Ray Gargiulo
Arts in the Park Jennifer Hulzing
Communications Manager Candyce Saunders
Friends of Byrd Park Sharon Hill
Lost and Found Pets Zeke Brody

The Carillon

Carillon Civic Association Block Captains:

Blanton Avenue   Tracy Ward
Bute Lane 3100 Camille Harris
  3200 Kris Mednikov
Carillon Court   open
Carrolton Street   Ivory Tucker
Condie Street 2900 Sharon Hill
  3000 Sharon Hill
  3100 Jennifer Bandas
  3100 Sandy Bandas
  3200 Cy Post
Douglasdale Road      
North Side
2900 Siv Ranko
3000 Brenda Glover
  3100 Chandra Hurst
  3200 Delores Squire

South Side

2900 Perleta Sanders
  3000 Serena Hunter
  3100 Frances Kimmel
  3200 Judy Poteat
French Street 2900 Louise Carter
  3000 Louise Carter
  3100 Melissa Dilworth
  3200 Bill Butler
Garrett Street 2900 Audrey & Collie Burton
  3000 Audrey & Collie Burton
  3100 Pam Lieberman
  3200 Vera Ryan
Grant Street 3000 Faye Cates
  3100 Faye Cates
  3200 Thomas Barlow
  3200 Senthia Barlow
Grantland Drive   Nora Pozzi
Kanawha Trace   Peggy Siegel
Maplewood Avenue   Madeline Pleasants
Pump House Drive   Camille Harris
Rendale Avenue 3100 Sallie Rollins
  3200 Joy Powers
Rueger Street   Tom & Senthia Barlow
Rugby Road   Mary Slaughter
S. Belmont Avenue   Irma Spratley
S. Sheppard Street   Christy Everson
Sunset Avenue 1100 Pat Lovelace
  1500 Kris Mednikov
  3000 Pat Lovelace
  3100 (South) Bernice Walter
  3100 (North) Paige Quilter
  3200 Ray Gargiulo
Walpole Street   Sharon Hill